We expect to work closely with well-established partners who are dedicated to the promotion, distribution, and programming of Latin American and Caribbean films in the United States.  In addition, we intend to collaborate with major academic and cultural institutions, particularly those based in the New York metropolitan area, through programs focused on Latin American and Caribbean studies, film studies and the arts and cultures of the region.  

Latin American Film Center, Inc. is not yet operating a film center, so we cannot accept any film submissions at this time.

We expect that during the development of the LAFC project, we will be working closely with other organizations that have similar or complementary roles, and have reached out to the following organizations that have expressed an interest in collaborating with us:


Brazilian Endowment for the Arts

Caribbean Film Academy


Cennarium | Promenade

Cinema Tropical

Havana New York Film Festival


The Caribbean Film Academy, together with The Luminal Theater and Third Horizon, will be presenting the 5th Annual Caribbean Film Series at the Brooklyn Academy of Music March 14-17.  For more information click here